December 9, 2011


If you read Briana's tweets you should know that Evigans' started new family TV show called "UnReal", if not then I tell you. Briana filmed Tv show pilot in late November.
TV shows: UnReal
TV shows: UnReal
The show is called "UnReal" and stars Briana, Greg Evigan, Vanessa Evigan, Jason Evigan, Connie Sellecca, Bre Blair, Ronald Clark and Avi Rothman. It was written by Vanessa and Greg Evigan.

Just yet no words what's the show about, but hope to find more info soon. To see more pics and info in future you can go here on shows' Face book Page and also "Like" it -

Before you start asking when? why? what ais it about? and so on ... just wait, to get more info, it's need some time! in case it's just started!

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