November 9, 2011

"Mother's Day" Release 2012

Finally, guys! "Mother's Day" will be officially released in theaters in May 2012 (most likly on May 11, 2012). Darren Lynn confirmed that to Movieweb.

Here is what he said about it and why we had to wait for it so long: 
"The problem with Mother's Day, it's an awesome movie and I'm very, very proud of it, we sold it to a company that was going to release it in 2011. The company basically went bankrupt, or there was a lawsuit, but it prevented Mother's Day and three other movies from coming out. We finally got the rights to the movie back, and the new company that purchased it decided that it would make more sense to put it out on the date it's based on. So now we're having to wait until 2012 for the release." (source:

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